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The PhD Program on Law, Persons and the Market is dedicated to research themes concerning private, comparative and international law, with a strong impact on the cultural, scientific and practical levels relating to legal studies.

Today, these themes are at the core of  law relating to personal autonomy, with respect to both the economic and non economic dimensions of legal relationships. It is well known that these themes have a strong impact on contemporary legal thinking, as well as on the new dimension of citizenship in the twenty-first century

Therefore, the program revolves around those areas of law and jurisprudence, which have been affected by the process of development and change in the law in the recent past (contractual and non contractual obligations, property law, family and inheritance laws; commercial law; labor laws). They are studied together with their procedural implications in terms of justiciability.

The above mentioned subjects are approached from a comparative perspective to develop a critical analysis of  law which can then be validated in accordance with the methodological prerequisite of legal research conducted at  international level.

Our lectures offered to phd students are both in Italian and in English. They are taught by members of the Doctoral School and by scholars from the leading European institutions. Members of the legal community, who are involved in the development of  law at its highest levels (for instance members of the European judiciary), will be also be involved as teachers in the programme. Finally, experiences abroad in foreign research centers, will also be part of the PhD program.

The general structure of the program aims at increasing our students’ abilities to contribute to innovative interpretations and approaches to law. At the same time, it encourages the development of new theoretical insights, while also maintaining a critical understanding of the various dimension of the legal experience.

The PhD program is located at the frontier of the contemporary methodological approaches to private law in its a various aspects. It does so by fostering a deeper understanding of the theory of sources of law, through an analysis of the relationship between the domestic, European and international legal systems.

The PhD program’s main objective is to graduate PHD graduates who will have strong methodological awareness of the issues involved in contemporary legal studies, and independent thinking skills, to meet the challenge posed by the constant evolution of  law, under the pressure of contemporary scientific and technological change.

The program finally focuses on providing the candidates with the opportunity to make use of all those contributions, which, together with comparative law, put  law within in a more general context, which includes human and social sciences. In this regard, interdisciplinary research projects by the candidates will be strongly encouraged.  

The program intersects a combination various themes included in the EU’s VII Programma Quadro and the Horizon 2020 Program. Among the areas of study addressed in the program, there are a number of fields (health, information and communication technology, energy, environment, transport), which are essentially related to the above mentioned framework programmes.

The objectives of our PhD program are not merely academic. Thanks to the development of collaborations aimed at a continuous and specialized training, the program intends to move in the direction of greater integration between the academic and the professional worlds, to offer candidates and graduates the opportunity to enter the professional world at top levels of employment for the corresponding age bracket.

Graduate students reading for this PhD:

• must acquire a complete and systematic knowledge of private law, in its broadest meaning, and  master the various current methodological approaches to the subject .

•must  demonstrate their ability to define a research project, which will then become a PhD dissertation. This project must be adequately elaborated, in line with the rigorous scientific  parameters which characterize scholarly research.

• must conduct original research, which must, at least partially, be deserving of publication at the national or international level.

• must be able to communicate with their peers, the broader scientific community and the general public. For this purpose, the PhD program will include the candidates’ participation in seminars, during which they will have to present their research results to the public.

Experiences offered to graduate students, aside form PhD courses  

Our PhD programs give graduate students the opportunity to participate in scholarly encounters organized by other institutions, and to present their research within eminent academic centers.

The Faculty also involves students in the organization of high level academic conferences. Students participating in the XXVII program were part of the National coordination encounter of all private law graduate students, held in Turin on the 27th and 28th of January 2012, and hosted by the graduate school itself. This conference allowed PhD students from all over Italy to meet up, present their work and receive feedback from highly qualified scholars such as Stefano Rodotà (emeritus, La Sapienza University), Antonio Gambaro (Milan State University, Lincei Academy), Olivier Guillod (Neuchatel University, Director of the Institute for Biomedicine). The PhD program also previously participated to the National private law PhD School, held between the 21st and the 25th of June 2011 in Venice ((, with the participation of numerous esteemed colleagues. In 2012, the PhD program in Diritto Persona e Mercato will participate in the National meeting of private law graduate students, to be held in Marina di Pietrasanta and Pisa, Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of June 2012.  This event will give students the chance to present their work to colleagues and faculty members. Furthermore, the PhD program participates to the SISIDIC (Italian Society of Private Law Scholars) Conference, which will be held in Capri between the 12th and the 14th of April 2012. 

Within the graduate schoolof Human and Social Sciences, on the 30th of March 2012, the school’s first workshop was organized by the students of our PhD program together with students reading PhDs in other subjects. This workshop allowed four graduate students to present their work to the public and to receive feedback from prof. Carlo Focarelli, full professor of International Law, and from other faculty members, who participated in the event.

The PhD program cultivates relationships with institutions abroad, facilitating the students’ exchanges with prestigious affiliated foreign establishments and research centers. Finally, the PhD program frequently accepts foreign candidates, fully including them in its activities.



Prof. Michele Graziadei (Coordinatore)

Prof.ssa Mariapaola Aimo

Prof.ssa Roberta Aluffi

Prof.ssa Chiara Besso

Prof. Guido Bonfante

Prof. Roberto Caranta

Prof. Raffaele Caterina

Prof.ssa Muriel Fabre-Magnan (Université de Paris, Panthèon-Sorbonne)

Prof. Edoardo Ferrante

Prof.ssa Silvia Ferreri

Prof. Paolo Gallo

Prof.ssa Daniela Izzi

Prof. Leonardo Lenti

Prof. Giorgio Licci

Dott.ssa Joelle Long

Prof. Ralf Michaels (Duke University School of Law)

Prof. Mitchel Lasser (Cornell Law School)

Prof.ssa Elisa Mongiano

Prof.ssa Barbara Pasa

Dott.ssa Cristina Poncibò

Prof. Alberto Ronco

Prof. Rodolfo Sacco

Prof.ssa Margherita Salvadori

Prof. Isidoro Soffietti

Prof. Arnaud Vergne

Prof. Adrian Zuckerman (University of Oxford)

Prof. Ferdinando Zuccotti



Prof.ssa Mia Callegari

Prof. Alessandro Ciatti

Dott. Eugenio Dalmotto

Prof. Domenico Francavilla

Prof. Gianni Mignone

Dott. Luciano Olivero

Prof. Ugo Pagallo

Dott.ssa Barbara Petrazzini

Dott. Davide Turroni





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